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Today in Labor History

June 25, 1994
Decatur, Illinois police pepper-gassed workers at the A.E. Staley plant gate one year into the company’s two and one-half year lockout of Paperworkers Local 7837.
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Local and National Union News

Teamster leaders meet for Warehouse Division Conference
June 11, 2019 | About 150 Teamster leaders from local unions that represent warehouse workers met in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho last week to discuss the major issues and campaigns affecting the more than 200,000 warehouse Teamsters. "We have many challenges ahead, but by working together--the local unions, the Joint Councils and the International Union--we will take these challenges head-on to make sure our members' interests are protected," said Steve Vairma, Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. Leaders discussed the national organizing campaign under way at Sysco, and the campaigns to protect Teamsters at US Foods/FSA and UNFI/Supervalu… Teamsters

Status on UPS back pay
June 5, 2019 | The company expects the back pay to be issued the first pay period of July. This contract was the richest in Teamster history and the back pay just for the nine months between August 1, 2018 and April 29, 2019 is approximately $660 million. The company is currently calculating back pay for 250,000 employees with various hours worked, multiple classifications and pay rates. Many employees work more than one classification with different pay rates in one week or even within one day. Any time a member works in more than one job in any one day, it triggers a calculation requiring someone to manually calculate the pay rate figures. The company estimates that there will be over 200,000 manual calculations required to ensure that the back pay is accurate and they will be working on this through June. UPS is keeping us informed and is working to make this happen as quickly as possible. UPS Rising

Union: U.S. workers deserve paid vacation time
June 3, 2019 |  There’s been a lot of talk about the need for higher wages, quality health care and retirement security in this space. But what about paid time off? The U.S. is the only advanced economy that does not federally mandate any paid vacation days or holidays for workers. So as a result, companies don’t prioritize it, and nearly a quarter of the nation’s workforce doesn’t receive any paid time off, according to an updated report by the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)…

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Elsewhere in the News
NAFTA Reboot An Opportunity for Trump and Trumka
June 24, 2019 | TRADE AGREEMENTS | […] The pressing issue for the nation’s largest labor federation [AFL-CIO] is passing a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico that upholds the interests of organized labor rather than seeing them trampled as the North American Free Trade Agreement has done. “I think quite frankly we have a chance to fix this thing and get to yes,” Mr. Trumka said… [He] seemed comfortable with the basic labor provisions but said those provisions have no way of being enforced, and until the agreement is enforceable, it won’t have the AFL-CIO’s backing… Toledo Blade
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Labor Unions Made America Great
June 21, 2019  | OPINION | “Make America Great Again.” I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of that lately. And I have to admit, it can make sense if viewed from the proper perspective. We gain that perspective by asking, “What made America great in the first place?” From my seven decades experience on this earth, I learned that, first and foremost, labor unions initially made this country great. Until labor unions were formed, worker wages were poverty-level low. Working conditions were harsh and extremely dangerous. Men and women were killed and maimed on the job on a daily basis… Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
Autoworkers Narrowly Lose Again at Chattanooga VW Plant
June 21, 2019 | ORGANIZING | In another setback to the Auto Workers’ long campaign to organize foreign-owned “transplant” auto plants in the union-hostile South, UAW Local 42 lost a second recognition vote at the big Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. The June 14 tally was 774-833 in a 93% worker turnout. While VW management was officially neutral—or so it said—in-plant supervisors conducted a strong anti-UAW campaign among the plant’s 1,700 workers. Tennessee’s ruling Republican politicians again threatened the Chattanooga plant would lose state subsidies and tax breaks if the workers voted union...VW has 45 plants worldwide. Only two, the one in Chattanooga and another in China, are non-union. In the others, the firm abides by labor laws, especially in its home nation, Germany. There, the VW workers’ union—like all other unions—has mandatory representation on the company board. And tactics used against U.S. unions’ organizing drives, such as mandatory company meetings with threats of discipline if workers don’t attend, are outlawed… People’s World  Photo: Nick Carey/Reuters
New Federal Bill Would Make It Easier to Join A Union
June 19, 2019 | WORKERS’ RIGHTS | A record number of workers in the United States decided to go on strike in 2018. Now congressional Democrats are trying to harness that momentum to pass a massive labor reform bill that would make it easier for workers to join unions and collectively bargain. The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act was introduced on May 2 by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington) and Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Virginia). The bill would usher in a multitude of protections for workers and give them more bargaining power. Some of its features include penalties for businesses that illegally fire employees, sped-up union elections that prevent employers from holding anti-union meetings with their staff, and National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protections for many independent contractors who aren’t currently classified as employees… Truthout
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